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What´s GASP?

GASP Inc. started as a new trademark in 2001.

GASP delivers a lifestyle! GASP offers first class quality, great fit and functionality clothing for heavy workouts at the gym as well as gear to wear in your life outside the gym. The common and most important thing with all GASP clothing is that it is designed and produced with no compromises - GASP makes a big deal out of details and therefore you can be sure to get a product loaded with the GASP attitude!

It's easy being proud of living the GASP lifestyle - and wanting to show it!

Swedish Fitness Trading AB is the company behind GASP, a company with almost 20 years experience and great resources that works with development, design, marketing, sales and distribution in several countries. Founders and owners of Swedish Fitness Trading are Michael Johansson, Martin Öste and Bengt Wassbro.

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